net-“WORK”-ing The Essentials

Early on in life I developed an affinity for networking. For those reading this that know me, it is because I genuinely love meeting new people and learning about their life experiences. I often find myself as the first to arrive and the last to depart. I make an effort to remember everything a person says…Read More

Develop a Plan. Know Your Story. You Never Know When You Will Need to Execute.

Many articles talk about figuring out when it’s time to make a change, but what happens if your company makes that decision for you by eliminating or relocating your position? In some cases, you are provided with ample notice, and can begin your job search prior to your final day in your current role. In…Read More

Be Succinct. Eliminate Noise from Your Resume.

Many job postings receive hundreds or thousands of applications and the recruiters reviewing these resumes are looking for reasons to eliminate you from the candidate pool. Your resume is a piece of precious real estate. A one-page resume is ideal, although two is acceptable if your experience warrants a full second page. Beyond two pages, you’ve…Read More