The Actual Magic of Working with a Recruiter

The Actual Magic of workin with a recruiter

Enlisting the help of a recruiting firm can exponentially impact your job search. Whether you are passively seeking an opportunity for professional advancement or are in need of immediate employment, a recruiter is able to assist you in a variety of ways. That said, initial interviews with recruiting firms are unique. I’ve compiled a list of 5 things you can expect when meeting with a recruiter.

1. Expect to dive deep into the depths of your experience.

Your recruiter is the resident expert on you. They need to understand your professional experience and job movement in its entirety- this means questions surrounding quantifiable metrics, cultural fit, departmental functions and processes, auxiliary responsibilities, and various other details that can’t be found on your resume. This ensures that your recruiter can best represent you to their clients and thoroughly explain why you’re the best person for the job.

2. Expect to talk openly about your job search.

Let’s say you’re working with a real estate agent to sell your house. If you’ve received independent offers but turned them down, understanding why would help you both moving forward. If you haven’t had any traction, they can offer insight. If the house is contingent, you’d want to make any new prospects aware of that before scheduling a tour.

Transparency in your job search is just as important, because your recruiter is essentially your job agent. They need to understand why you rejected job offers previously to make sure they’re focusing on the right opportunities. They can offer professional insight and resume suggestions if you’re struggling with gaining traction. Being clear about other opportunities in your pipeline ensures that your recruiter can be transparent with their clients, which is in the best interest for all parties.

3. Expect the compensation conversation.

You might be hesitant to disclose your current compensation, but this information helps your recruiter provide valuable insight regarding the attainability of your target salary. It also provides the opportunity to discuss whether your compensation is higher, lower, or average compared to the going rate in your field. They’re the experts in this, and they need to understand in full what you would require moving forward. This means extending the conversation to vacation needs, benefits, and retirement plans. Compensation isn’t just salary, it’s the total package.

4. Expect to build a long-term beneficial relationship.

Your recruiter is so much more than the intermediary passing your resume along- they are your resident job search expert. They can make resume suggestions, offer interviewing advice, and help you identify the steps needed to achieve your professional goals. This partnership lasts even when your job search ends. By creating this relationship, you’re establishing a connection that you can always leverage down the line. You personally know someone who could help your department with its immediate needs, and you have a resource if a colleague gets laid off. Networking is especially crucial to succeed professionally in smaller cities like Pittsburgh, and meeting with a recruiter is a great way to establish mutually beneficial relationships.

5.  DON’T expect a magician.

It’s true, recruiters are not capable of making the perfect job appear out of thin air. Expect your recruiter to focus on the types of opportunities that you discussed. Expect your recruiter to work hard and do their best to help you in your job search. Expect your recruiter to be a partner in the pursuit of your short-term and long-term career goals. Recognize this process may take time- don’t expect a recruiter to pull your next job out of a hat.

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