Traditional working arrangements are being challenged today

John Boudreau, who writes frequently on the topic, observes that the decision between hiring and outsourcing talent depends not only on how unique the talent is but the type of unique talent you need. Talent networks, professional service organizations and outsourcing platforms today are no longer just simple job matching services but sophisticated work ecosystems.

Outsourced relationships only work when the talent and the company have a clear understanding of expectation and performance metrics. Taking the time to match the right person with the right job is critical.
While talent pairing platforms are on the rise, it is not that simple to find the unique worker that satisfies the company’s needs. There are platforms dedicated to pairing IT professionals, designers, writers and more. But the higher the skill level, the less these platforms work. An outsourcing provider must be able to understand their clients’ needs, their business, and most importantly, their business goals in order to place a high-end resource. Without analyzing all of these things, it is impossible for the resource to hit the ground running. The end result is a level of frustration on both sides.

The Myth


A misconception is that outsourcing rates are extremely high. Most of this notion comes without allowing for consideration of the speed of production from a highly skilled resource. At times companies, also don’t consider the savings of not being responsible for benefits like health, insurance, social security and retirement. The right resource can actually be a cost savings rather than an expense.


Some companies feel that an outsourced resource may not perform as constantly because they are not “employees”. To those companies I would simply state that an outsourced worker is more likely to overachieve because their next project is directly related to the customer satisfaction rating.

The Reality

More Innovation

Outsourced resources tend to be more innovative and receptive to new ideas and suggestions.  Unlike employees working in an organization,  outsourced resources are not burdened by pre-conceived attitudes and can easily suggest and implement cutting edge solutions for a business.


Outsourced Resources accumulate a lot of experience from working with a host of clients. Each project they undertake is unique adding more experience and skill to their craft. Any business stands to gain from their unique and vast experience.

One-off expertise

A resource may be needed for a specific task that the business may lack the specific skill. A professional resource can be hired for that one-time job. They avail the expertise to the company without a company having to employ for just one task.

The business world is a cutthroat landscape that requires you to be on your toes and a company must always look for ways to maintain a competitive advantage.  Finding the right way to conduct your business is an important part of making your operations efficient.

Outsourcing has been a long practice for most companies, but in this economy where the speed of doing business is functioning at a rapid pace, outsourcing top talent has blossomed and will continue to become a bigger component in the future of business. If you want to have an advantage when it comes to your business, finding the right outsourcing company who can provide you with extra help is critical.